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10 Best Chatbot Tools

Browse the top Chatbot Tools in our Directory. Start using these premium Business tools now.

Sidekick by Jigso

Sidekick is an AI-powered Slackbot that serves as your personal business assistant.

Channel Response Bot

Slack bot takes one response and shares it everywhere. Channel Response Bot lets you set channel specific responses to clean up your workspace.


AmigoChat is an AI GPT chat service for free.

Plugin To Chat

Unlock the power of chat - Add a plugin to chat with your site in minutes - Made for static sites and blogs like WordPress


Call your internal APIs from ChatGPT prompt.


Startify: AI-powered SaaS providing strategic business advice for startups.


AI agent to help companies get GDPR compliant


ChatNode lets you train AI ChatBots on your own data.


AI powered chat that quantifies web visitor's sentiment and interests


Reliable, Scalable, and Cost-Effective for API for LLMs