8 Best Chatbot Tools

Browse the top Chatbot Tools in our Directory. Start using these premium Business tools now.

Sidekick by Jigso - AI Chatbot tool

Sidekick is an AI-powered Slackbot that serves as your personal business assistant.

Channel Response Bot - AI Chatbot tool

Slack bot takes one response and shares it everywhere. Channel Response Bot lets you set channel specific responses to clean up your workspace.

Plugin To Chat - AI Chatbot tool

Unlock the power of chat - Add a plugin to chat with your site in minutes - Made for static sites and blogs like WordPress

GPTBricks - AI Chatbot tool

Call your internal APIs from ChatGPT prompt.

Startify - AI Chatbot tool

Startify: AI-powered SaaS providing strategic business advice for startups.

PrivPro - AI Chatbot tool

AI agent to help companies get GDPR compliant

ChatNode - AI Chatbot tool

ChatNode lets you train AI ChatBots on your own data.

Chtrbx - AI Chatbot tool

AI powered chat that quantifies web visitor's sentiment and interests