20 Best Free Startup Tools

Browse the top Startup Tools in our Directory. Start using all these Business tools for Free now.

Desk365 - AI Startup tool

Desk365 is a modern helpdesk solution designed for the Microsoft 365 workplace. It offers a simple and conversational MS Teams ticketing system.

Findly - AI Startup tool

Leverage @Findly for direct, plain language communication with your company's data.

Violet - AI Startup tool

A unified commerce API for developers.

Shelf - AI Startup tool

Shelf is a smart asset tracking and management tool that helps you keep track of your company’s physical assets.

WorldOfThis - AI Startup tool

Organize your time on the web around your interests. Choose what you want to do. Map content that only you want and need.

Querytastic - AI Startup tool

Generate optimised SQL queries in seconds

RxDB - AI Startup tool

A fast, offline-first, reactive Database for JavaScript Applications

Sendaway - AI Startup tool

Give your newsletters a home & keep your email clutter-free

Contento - AI Startup tool

Contento is a Headless CMS designed with the needs of marketers in mind. Perfect for B2B SaaS and Technology Websites.

LastBasic - AI Startup tool

LastBasic moves to an all-in-one market network where to turn ideas into invention creations.

Ytbe.one - AI Startup tool

Open YouTube links directly in the mobile app!

Scramble Cloud - AI Startup tool

Scramble is an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage made for you, not to monetize your data.

SprintsQ - AI Startup tool

One platform for teams to build quality software

OpenLang.ai - AI Startup tool

Skyrocket your language learning and reach fluency in record time.

Online Converter - AI Startup tool

All-in-One online converter suite

Keenforms - AI Startup tool

Form builder with no code rules engine, more powerful conditions

Sentiment Scanner - AI Startup tool

Leverage Google Play reviews for success with Sentiment Scanner! Get insights, automated reports, understand NPS, and upgrade your app. Start free

Nameclaw - AI Startup tool

No frills startup name generator to find catchy names, domain checks, and social media availability - all in a single sandbox platform.

Memfin - AI Startup tool

By leveraging the science of the forgetting curve, Memfin sends you personalized summaries of web content you want to remember to your inbox.

informed - AI Startup tool

informed uses AI to bundle and summarize the best premium news (FT, WSJ etc) in one app, simplifying your news experience into one Daily Brief.