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24 Best Free Startup Tools

Browse the top Startup Tools in our Directory. Start using all these Business tools for Free now.


Contento is a Headless CMS designed with the needs of marketers in mind. Perfect for B2B SaaS and Technology Websites.

Lepton AI

Run AI applications efficiently, at scale, and in minutes with a cloud native platform


A fast, offline-first, reactive Database for JavaScript Applications

Smart Tools AI

Streamline your business workflow with the power of AI tools

Sensey AI

Sensey: AI-powered insights for product-market fit.


A Single API Over 100 AI Models Always Available


Desk365 is a modern helpdesk solution designed for the Microsoft 365 workplace. It offers a simple and conversational MS Teams ticketing system.


Leverage @Findly for direct, plain language communication with your company's data.


A unified commerce API for developers.


Shelf is a smart asset tracking and management tool that helps you keep track of your company’s physical assets.


Organize your time on the web around your interests. Choose what you want to do. Map content that only you want and need.


Generate optimised SQL queries in seconds


Give your newsletters a home & keep your email clutter-free


LastBasic moves to an all-in-one market network where to turn ideas into invention creations.

Open YouTube links directly in the mobile app!

Scramble Cloud

Scramble is an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage made for you, not to monetize your data.


One platform for teams to build quality software

Skyrocket your language learning and reach fluency in record time.

Online Converter

All-in-One online converter suite


Form builder with no code rules engine, more powerful conditions

Sentiment Scanner

Leverage Google Play reviews for success with Sentiment Scanner! Get insights, automated reports, understand NPS, and upgrade your app. Start free


No frills startup name generator to find catchy names, domain checks, and social media availability - all in a single sandbox platform.


By leveraging the science of the forgetting curve, Memfin sends you personalized summaries of web content you want to remember to your inbox.


informed uses AI to bundle and summarize the best premium news (FT, WSJ etc) in one app, simplifying your news experience into one Daily Brief.